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Best Nail Design ideas for women and for your hobbies The nail designs fashion can safely be described as revolutionary:it strives for absolute minimalism. I mean that in this season popular will be amazingly short nails Need some nail art inspiration? Get ready for some manicure magic as we bring you the hottest nail designs from celebrities,

beauty brands and the catwalks ail art designs are not for every one. Both creating a nail art design and carrying it off are equally challenging.Making such a beautiful use of nails Nail art is a creative activity that draws pictures or designs fingernails. It a type of art. These days fingernails and toenails are seen by some as important points

Wedding Budget Tips

So you may be in the early stages of your planning and know what kind of style you want or can semi vision what you want your wedding to look like or you might have no idea yet and still be in the researching and finding inspiration stage, wherever you are at having a budget is really important. Whether your having a lavish affair or a DIY homemade wedding a budget is your first step to making it all happen, it can seem daunting or even stressful when it comes to putting together your budget so I’ve put together some tips to get your started:

1. Establish a REALISTIC budget.. if your planning on getting married in 12 months time sit down together and plan what you can realistically afford. You might already have some saved wedding funds but you need an additional x amount of $ to complete your total budget, work out how much you need to add to your wedding fund a week within the next 12 months.

2. Determine where you want to splurge and where you want to save.. is having ‘that’ dress your most important expense, holding your wedding at that perfect venue or having an amazing styled event? Maybe you have a fabulously talented photographer already booked but didn’t think ahead to how they fit into your budget, it’s important to plan ahead so your not stressed or worrying about $$ on your wedding day. Below is a budget guide to help you establish your costs:

3. Email some suppliers your interested in to get some quotes so you get some idea on pricing and to determine if some suppliers are out of your price range. Don’t be afraid to shop around ask 2-3 suppliers in each category for their costs. Most of the time with wedding vendors what will determine extra costing is location and size of your wedding so ask what their travel costs are and what additional costs they might charge for. Also ask how much deposit they require at booking and when full payment is due or if they have a payment schedule leading up to the wedding date. All this information will help you with your budget and also your payment planning, finding out what needs to be paid straight away and what can be paid or saved up for over the next x amount of months.

4. Save where you can! If your friend/grandmother or a friend of a friend makes beautiful cakes and your cake isn’t at the top of your ‘splurge’ list book them to do your cake. If you can make your own favors or create your own lolly buffet or even stock up on beverages from the supermarket when they are on special leading up your wedding day do it! Money can be saved in numerous ways you just need to establish what is more important to you and also factor in things like if you want to stay in a luxury suite the night of your wedding and your honeymoon expenses. Plan ahead as much as possible, pre-order your thank you cards with your invitations, stock up on bottles of wine to give as gifts to those who help out during your wedding, planning ahead will save you money.

5. Create a budget spreadsheet or worksheet that you can work from and update as much as you need to bring it up to date and so you can adjust costing if you need to.

6. Always have a ‘emergency buffer’ added to your budget, what if you forgot about the celebrant fee or what if you completely forgot to make that final payment to one of your vendors or you need to make final alterations to your dress/s, be prepared for the worst and if you don’t end up using it there’s extra $$ for your honeymoon fund! @Wedding Budget